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#8: Wearing Fancy Clothes

A Wilhelm Gottlieb in art meme #8 for Raleigh, in regards to this art meme here.

Wilhelm belongs to Untraditionalmedicinal.


This was written in response to a drabble that alphametics wrote about our OCs and I thought I’d post it here.  Decided to try not using names and this is the first 3-way fic I’ve ever written so it’s a little shaky.  But hey, practice makes perfect.

He seems to notice your discomfort whenever He and They get intimate.  They are asleep by the edge of the water when he takes your hand and leads you off.  He leads you into what you call a bedroom carefully, cautiously; giving you time to adjust.  


When you don’t pull away, he leans in to kiss you; softly at first but soon it turns a little more desperate.  His tongue begs entrance to your mouth and you give it to him.  You hum into the kiss, cheeks warm and bright with colour.  


Everything gets a little warm when he slowly lays you back and leans over your frame to continue kissing you.  He’s never kissed you like this before and it sends you reeling; head spinning as you occasionally forget that you can breath through your nose.  


You feel your hard hat and goggles moved from your face and it leaves you feeling a little bare.  But not as bare when you feel him unclip your overalls and slowly start removing them.  His movements are slow and deliberate, giving you plenty of time to deny him this, but you don’t.  You let him keep going and so he does.  


With the denim tossed to the side, he starts working at his own clothes, his vest and shirt stripped away in no time to reveal the pale flesh of his torso.  You’re so entranced by his beauty you hardly feel it when he’d removing your shirt until long, spidery fingers are running across your bare skin.  It’s hot now.  Underneath his gentle touch you feel your skin heat up and it’s wonderful.  


He lets you touch him as well and he’s so soft.  Every contour of his body is memorized beneath the touch of your organic hand.  How is he even real?  Someone so wonderful can’t possibly exists.  


He’s kissing you again and this time his hands wander.  They run up and down our sides, lightly, but with just enough pressure to not tickle.  They don’t remain there for long though.  Soon one of them is wandering lower, slipping beneath the band of your boxers to stroke your cock.  He really knows how to work you over even though you two have never been intimate before.  It feels so incredible and you can’t help the soft groan that passes your lips.  He plays with you until you’re harder than you’ve ever been in your life and you can feel a pearl of precum forming at the head of your member.


He then hooks his fingers into the band of your boxers, waiting for you to nod before he slowly pulls them off, leaving you naked.  He’s naked soon enough, working his pants off.  He’s just as aroused as you are.  You can’t believe he finds you attractive.  He moves back against you, pressing your cocks together before starting to rock against you.  Your toes curl the slightest bit.  He’s so good at this.  You won’t last long like this.


He consumes everything now.  He assaults all your senses and you love it.  You don’t hear the soft slide of another person in the room into you feel another pair of hands on you, lifting you up to rest you against Their own form.  They lean down to softly mouth at the sensitive flesh of your neck, being careful with all those, large teeth They have.  You moan again.  They’re naked as well and you can feel them against your back; hot and heavy.  Normally they intimidate you, but not right now.  You’re in heaven with four pairs of hands caressing you, making you feel so wanted right now.  


You feel him reach around you to stroke Their cock a few times, hand pulling back slick with the natural lubricant They produce.  He tells you to relax and you obey.  Your breathing hitches at the first press of fingers inside you.  It’s uncomfortable and very different from anything you’ve ever felt before, but as time goes on and you’re stretched slowly it becomes a very nice sensation.  It’s even better when he strikes that spot inside you a few times, causing you to cry out.  Your voice echos across the walls of your home.


He does the same thing to himself, but he uses more fingers than he did on you.  He’s got something bigger to accomodate.  Laying you back, he uses a bit more slick to to make the first slide of his cock easier.  He’s average in size so it’s not as hard as it could be, but it’s still so different to feel so full.  He rocks slowly against you, letting you adjust and you really appreciate it.  


Your fingers are gripping lightly at the makeshift mattress beneath your bodies when you hear him let out a soft, keening more as They enter him.  You watch, to the best of your ability as that strange, inhuman cock sinks right into his body.  He’s panting softly by the time They’re fully seated.  He looks a little overloaded, but he slowly starts rocking again, simultaneously thrusting into you and fucking himself on Their cock, causing Them to moan as well.  


Your toes are really curling now.  He’s so gentle with you, but the moment that you request that he move more, he does.  He goes faster, a little harder.  It’s so hot now and you can hardly stand it.  They’ve started thrusting now and with everyone one of Their powerful thrusts, he slips a little deeper inside you.  It’s overwhelming and you can’t really  form coherent thoughts anymore.  Everything is the two lovers above you, giving you an attention you’ve never had before.  You feel so loved and wanted that you could cry.  You don’t realize that you are until he’s hushing you softly and whispering soft things to you as he wipes away your tears.  

The pressure builds in your stomach and you can’t last much longer.  You’re the first to reach your peak and he follows soon after with a soft cry.  They last a little bit longer.  Once he slowly withdraws from you, They fuck him into the mattress as he holds you close and kisses you messily and deeply, moaning again and again into your mouth.  They finish inside him and it leaves a mess, but none of you are feeling up to moving any time soon.  You’re warm and comfortable.  And you’re so loved.


Baker Street

oh my gosh this is finished!!!!!!! after more than year, it is finally done!!

I do hope that you all like this as much as the old one, hopefully even more


oooooooooooooooh a crush u say thats so cute

Nah son.  You’re making me blush now.  Lotsa people get crushes.  Nothing too new I guess.  But yeah.  They are pretty great.

· Anonymous ·

Uh wow.  Why you guys all wanna know stuff about me all of a sudden?  I’m not used to it.  Did I suddenly become interesting over the last couple hours?

Since ur answering a few romance-centered questions, u got anyone u wanna date on the side cos ur gf has someone on the side? Or are U fine as is?

Uh well…I’ve got someone I’ve got kind of a crush on, but I don’t want to act on it yet or anything.  I’m notoriously awkward with people and even worse around people that I like.  I do really like them though.  They’re sweet and understand a lot of the things that I go through on a daily basis.  So yeah.  I wouldn’t mind dating them I guess.  

· about me · Anonymous ·
You mentioned living far away? Would you ever risk a relationship over the web?

I’ve done it before.  It’s hard, but I guess I wouldn’t mind too much.  As long as there’s proper communication.  The relationship before the one I’m in right now wasn’t that great.  She was kind of manipulative and abusive and I just wish I’d seen it sooner.  Part of that was refusing to contact me for days/weeks/months at a time and it made me feel really shitty.  Needless to say we didn’t end well.

But yeah.  I’d do a relationship long distance.

· about me · Anonymous ·
Since you're poly, how many relationships/people in a relationship would you be able to have at one time? Based on your preference anyways.

     Uh well I guess it depends.  Wouldn’t want the sphere of people to get too big I guess.  I think I’ve mentioned before that my GF has another partner.  I’m not dating that partner, but she’s pretty rad herself and we get along pretty well.  I suppose I’d really only want one other person as my partner with them possibly having another partner of their own, but that’s probably as big as I’d be willing to go.  

     Otherwise there’s not the same level of trust because you don’t know everyone as well and that’s the biggest thing with Poly relationships.  Trust.  Ya gotta know that one person isn’t going off and sort of ignoring one person in the relationship.  It’s understandable if one of them lives further away, but if you’re within proper distance of all other parties there should be an equal amount of time or as much as you’re able to give.

     Also there’s gotta be a lot of communication and with anything more than 4 or 5 people there can be a lot of issues with said communication and that can be a BIG issue.  One more thing with more people is there’s more room for jealousy and that’s one of the biggest killers of poly relationships in my opinion. 

     So yeah.  I’d have one other partner, but no more than that.  3 - 4 is great.  I hope this helped.


I think every writer/artist has that one story/drawing that gets completely skipped over, and they’d never say it aloud, but inside they’re like

'fuck all y'all, that's one of the best things I've done'

plus one story/drawing that everyone loves

'really? that one?'



so inconsiderate

i was just talking about this video the other day omfg




There ya go~

“You are a disgusting glutton.”

 Demoman’s belly creaks and groans, gurgling louder than a dehumidifier. He belches quietly into his fist as Spy massages leather-clad fingers into the soft layer of fat over his gorged gut.

 “If ye meant that ye wouldn’t be hard as a rock, laddie,” Demo hiccups, taking a handful of the roll of fat at the bottom of his belly and shaking it.

 Spy gasps when the motion provides friction between his thighs, and his hips jerk forward of their own will. He puts a hand on the wall with a shaky growl, pressing his covered fingers into the fat on Demo’s belly.

 “You disgust me,” he snarls with no conviction, thrusting his hips against the soft-but-hard belly between his spread thighs. A quiet, stifled whimper leaves him as the pressure shoots fire down his thighs.

 “Come on, laddie,” Demo groans, grabbing Spy’s slender hips and pulling him tighter, grinding him deeper, encouraging him to go faster. Spy’s spine gives up trying to support him and he collapses to the Scot’s shoulders, wrapping around his neck and capturing him in a beer and beef flavored kiss, grinding his clothed cock against the spoils of an eight-pound meal sitting heavy in Demo’s huge belly.

 He whines into the Scotsman’s throat when his pleasure mounts and he soils his tailored trousers, shaking and grinding deep against the globe between his thighs. Demo’s hands rake up and down his spine, pulling shivers out of him as he slowly comes down.

 They sit in silence for a few moments before Demo gives a breathy chuckle and looks over at the table beside them. “The mashed potatoes aren’t all gone, love.”

 Spy moans and picks up a heaping spoonful, and lifts it to Demo’s lips. “You’re repulsive.”


the noises that I’m making are so not even human right now~


am i a boy? am i a girl? who knows!! but everyone finds me hot and that makes everyone gay


There ya go~

Unintentional homoerotic subtext

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